The Best Decorative Grill Cover to Upgrade Your BBQ Area

Is a black cover an eyesore on your barbecue area? Fret not, you can get the best decorative grill cover to beautify your patio or yard. Most of the time, we see black or brown covers. These are generic styles, but if you search further, you’ll find designs that will complement the motif of your property. Using decorative drapes is also a good way to add aesthetic touches to your house. Here are two options in a nutshell:



Finelady Heavy-Duty
Floral Grill Cover
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Rico Industries Deluxe
NFL Grill Covers
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For some, it may seem like a luxury to invest in these colored and stylish drapes. Actually, it has a few benefits that you simply can’t find on typical black covers. Check this out:

Why decorative grill covers are wise-buys

Of course, this is a very subjective option. It’s just a matter of style preference, but surely you can enjoy the following advantages:

1. Allows you to decorate your BBQ area

If you’re upping your BBQ game to the aesthetic level, you might as well get a decorative cover. So when your grill isn’t in use, a stylish fabric will cover it. That’s added decoration instead of a black swath of fabric that doesn’t appeal to your visitors.

For those who are planning to decorate their grill area, I listed more tips below to convert your plain patio into a grill master paradise.

2. Cuts the boring black style

Black is great, but it gets boring over time. Also, it tends to fade which isn’t really a good sight. When you opt for designer covers, you can cut the boredom. The good thing is you can choose from various designs. Below, I reviewed an NFL designer series. Talk about your next tailgating event!

3. Allow you express your creativity

If you’re a creative person who wants to channel your artistic preferences, a stylish grill cover is a good start. From floral, striped, and logo-printed covers, there’s always the best decorative grill cover for you.

4. Converts the BBQ into a décor

Aside from protecting your BBQ grill from outdoor elements, a stylish cover will serve as décor to your patio. You can choose a color and design that suits the theme of your yard. So even when your grill isn’t in use, it still serves a purpose of adding colors to your patio.

5 Added value for money

Who doesn’t want to get more from a purchase? If you’re planning to get a cover, consider looking for a piece with a design. This is a bonus you can exploit for added fun. If you have multiple BBQs, you can invest in a series like the NFL covers I’ve mentioned earlier and reviewed below.

The best decorative grill cover – 2 Picks!

Now that you know the advantages of getting a decorative grill cover, here are two of the best options you can find in the market:

Finelady Heavy-Duty Floral Grill Cover


✔️Nordic flora rose pattern                                ✔️Double sealed seams

✔️600D fabric w/waterproof PVC layer          ✔️UV-protected, non-fading

✔️Dimensions: 58″ x 24″ x 44″                          ✔️Strap lock

best decorative grill coverIf you want a grill cover that’s both stylish and long-lasting, the Finelady grill cover is a great buy. First, it’s made from 600D Oxford fabric that’s sealed with a PVC interior lining. To add, it has double stitches and sealed seams for a waterproof effect. Overall, the manufacturer claims that it’s twice or even thrice as durable as regular covers. It can fit combo grill models from Char-Broil, Brinkmann, Holland, and so on.

As for me, this cover is strong and spicy. Strong because it doesn’t rip easily and the material is very tough to touch. Lastly, it’s spicy because of the unique and sophisticated print. If your spouse is picky when it comes to outdoor grill covers, he or she will surely love the quality and print.

Function-wise, I’m impressed that it can wick dust, pollens, snow, water, and heat. For someone living in the south or some tropical place, this is value for money. If your location is relatively windy, you can secure this through the strap locks on each side. It uses buckles and not Velcro which is a big plus point for me.

This best decorative grill cover comes with a neat storage bag that you can also use as a container for tongs, corn holders, and other small grilling accessories.

What could be done better:

Honestly, I don’t have anything to complain about this yet. It holds pretty well and hasn’t faded ever since.

Check out the price in Amazon in here.

Rico Industries Deluxe NFL Grill Covers


✔️Dimensions: 68” x 21” x 35”              ✔️Flannel lining

✔️Vinyl exterior material                        ✔️Side Velcro straps

✔️NFL team logo prints

best decorative grill coverAre you a certified NFL fan? Since the football season is alive and kickin’, you can express your fandom to your NFL group through this grill cover. The Rico Industries Deluxe NFL cover series have 28 teams on their selection. Each cover comes in a navy blue color and your choice of team’s logo. Just imagine flaunting this on your yard while you watch the match! Also, this would serve a good use on your tailgating. How about a grill cover turned banner?

This best decorative grill cover is made of vinyl which is known to be extremely waterproof. It’s a type of PVC that’s strong enough to withstand strong winds, heavy rains, and intense sunlight. Vinyl covers also have long lifespans as compared to polyester. The flannel lining makes the cover breathable as it holds and releases moisture fast.

This NFL-inspired grill cover can fit most grills of up 68-inches wide. And since there are Velcro straps at the bottom of each side, you can harness the excess fabric.

The cover holds really well even in very hot climates like Florida or Texas. If you’re cash-strapped but still want more value, this grill cover is already for the money.

What could be done better:

Well, aside from the four missing teams, I wish the material will have better color fastness. It tends to fade a little fast than most. Anyway, if you leave in a place with moderate weather, this would be a good pick.

What to look for when buying stylish covers

As much as we’re looking on the style here, it pays to be meticulous when purchasing a stylish cover. Here are some points to remember:

Perfect fit

Above all, you should look for the best decorative grill cover that fits the dimensions of your grill. There’s no sense in purchasing a regally designed fabric only to discover that it can’t even fit halfway your appliance. Take a short moment to measure your grill or to browse grill covers per model fit.

Anyway, most manufacturers will advise on the type of grill and recommendable width as to where their product suits.

Quality print

Now that you have the right size, the next thing to look for is the quality of the print. Does it crack easily? Or does the color fade fast? Read online reviews and see what users have to say. You wouldn’t want a grill cover that looks worn out because the print is coming off the fabric.

Colors that match

The best thing about grill covers is that it comes in different designs and colors. You can choose which one suits the motif of your patio or what you personally prefer. Although there are fairly limited options online, you still have a few dozens to sift through.


If you want a low-risk purchase, I advise you to get a decorative cover with warranty coverage. It’s best if the seller has a money-back guarantee. There’s a chance that you may not like the product or there are manufacture defects. Warranty terms will protect your money.


The best decorative grill cover is one that’s long-lasting as much as it’s pleasing to the eyes. Make sure that the material used can take everything that nature has to throw at it. Also, check the construction including the seams, stitching, and additional features. If it can last for more than 5 years, you already made the most out of your purchase.

How to maintain the print

At some point, the print of your grill cover will fade. This is a natural occurrence especially if it’s exposed to extreme weathering. But you can always lengthen the lifespan of the print. Wash it only with mild detergent and water. Don’t use sprayers or power washers as this can strip the print material. If you have to scrub dirt, be as gentle as you can and use a brush that has soft bristles.

As for the 600D Oxford fabric of the Finelady cover, maintenance isn’t really complicated. This fabric is known to be durable and quick drying.

After washing, just hang it to dry and it will be ready for use. Oxford fabric is also a good choice for printing as the paint holds and lasts well.

When it comes to the vinyl NFL cover, the process could be a little complicated. First, never use pure bleach if you want to get rid of a stain.

Dilute 10% bleach into 90% water so as not to cause discoloration. You should be as gentle as possible as this material, when colored, is prone to fading.

How to use your decorative grill cover

You can place your grill just about anywhere you want: your patio, backyard, porch, pool deck, and more. But if you want to flaunt your new accessory, it’s best to place it on a spot where you guest can appreciate it.

Also, it would be great to create your BBQ corner or area where all your grilling effects are stored. You can come up with a shed and a small kitchen island. When you grill isn’t in use, the cover will add an aesthetic touch to this special corner of yours.

More tips to upgrade your BBQ Area

Aside from using the best decorative grill cover, you can go extra with your passion for grilling. Here are some ideas you can use on upgrading your BBQ corner:

💡Have a prep zone

If you don’t have much to shell out, just placing a freestanding table and a few chairs would be an ideal prep zone. Here, you can lay all your ingredients for cooking. No more running in and out of the house just to add more condiments or get more beef. This will also encourage other people to sit and join you.

💡Put stools and a tall table

Stools and a tall table call for glassfuls of beer and a nice, smoked brisket. Having this spot where people can hang out is an excellent upgrade. It doesn’t have to be the one from the bar; just a cozy spot would be enough.

💡Convert your kitchen window into something else

If you have a big kitchen window facing your BBQ area, you can create a pass-through window service. You just have to open the operational window to convert it into a nice grill bar. You can place some stools too.

💡Revamp your menu

Don’t just grill the usual recipes. Elevate your menu with new steak flavors, tri-tips, bratwursts, pork ribs, and more. Aside from making your spot comfortable, your food will make it more inviting.

💡Place a big umbrella

Is your BBQ area standing in the direction of the sun? You should place a big umbrella here. It will make your humble BBQ corner a mini-destination for the kids and guests. You also get the choice to dine indoors or al fresco style.

💡Or build a roof

If the weather keeps you from making BBQs, you might as well build a roof on top of your equipment. Rain or shine, you can prepare your favorite dishes. Also, it will protect your grill from a sudden downpour. As you know, you simply can’t use a grill cover while the pit is burning hot.

The best decorative grill cover should be both functional and visually appealing. The two options I gave here is sure to level up the look of your backyard. Why settle for the plain look if you can level it up into something stylish?

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The Best Decorative Grill Cover to Upgrade Your BBQ Area

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