Top 5 Best Grill Cover For Outdoors Protection? An Updated List!

Barbecue grills can cost as much as a few hundred dollars. Since the likes of Weber Genesis isn’t that cheap, maintaining it for the next summer’s backyard party is a must. Grills stored outdoors without a proper cover can harbor excessive moisture that will result in corrosion and fungi build-up. Natural elements like rain, wind, and sunlight can start the chipping in just a few months as well. You need to get the best grill cover for Weber Genesis to ensure that your precious grill will last long.

Here, we listed five of the best picks in the market. Make sure to check the material, construction, size, and model fit before purchasing any.

1. Kingkong Gas Grill Cover For Weber Genesis E and S (among the best grill cover for outdoors protection!)

If you have a grill from the Weber Genesis 300 series, the Kingkong Gas Grill Cover should suit it well. It has exact dimensions of 60” (W) x 24” (D) x 44” (H) if you want to be sure about the fit. This is made of durable polyester that can withstand UV rays, water, and cracks. It’s made of 600D Oxford fabric and PVC so you’re sure of quality here.

The Kingkong cover is form-fitting but it also comes with Velcro straps so you secure the fabric around the grill when storing outdoors. A purchase of this cover comes with a three-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy about it.

Make sure to wrap the straps well since this cover is lightweight and can be easily peeled off by strong winds. Nevertheless, the consolation here is the freebies that come in the package: digital thermometer, cleaning steel brush, and a pair of insulated tongs for cooking.

best grill cover for Weber Genesis

2. Weber Cover For Genesis Gas Grill

In case you want the best grill cover for Weber Genesis from the same brand, you’ll never go wrong with the Weber Cover for Genesis Gas Grill. It has the same dimension as that of the Kingkong cover and made from polyester fabric. Even if this piece is lightweight, it’s tough in shielding your grill against natural and harsh elements.

You can use the Velcro straps to secure the form-fitting cover into the gas grill. If you have some accessories to store as well, you can utilize the pouch hidden inside the cover. This is inconspicuous when the cover is placed on the grill.

Take note that this cover is made of pure polyester. It will work in wicking off light moisture, but it’s not the best bet if you’re leaving the grill in the open during rainy days. Anyway, it doesn’t crack easily over time so it will serve as a layer of defense for your cooking equipment. It’s one of the most durable options you can consider if you’re looking into the best grill cover for outdoors protection.

3. LiBa Gas Grill Cover for Weber

This best grill cover for Weber Genesis is made of rip-resistant fabric that’s also water-proof. LiBa’s cover is compatible with models from the Weber Genesis 200 and 300 series. But to be exact, it has dimensions of 60” (W) x 28” (D) x 44” (H). It’s deeper than the first two covers listed which may serve an important purpose depending on the grill model that you have.

It comes with Velcro straps just in case the winds are getting stronger or if pets and kids tend to play with it. And unlike other covers, the LiBa piece doesn’t have any rubber coatings that tend to get stiff during colder months. It’s long-lasting with a glove-like fit for the Weber Genesis models.

Among the best facts about this cover is that it’s cheaper than the branded ones. Say, a top 3 best grill cover for outdoors protection indeed.

4. Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

If you’re scouting for a cover that has a shorter length, the Grillman Premium BBQ Cover Grill might be the one you’re looking for. It has dimensions of 58” (W) x 24” (D) x 48” (H) which is two inches shorter in length but four inches taller. This is made of quality Oxford fabric that’s waterproof as well tear and UV-resistant. Although it fits like a glove, there are added straps so you can secure the cover even more.

best grill cover for outdoors protection

What’s exceptional about this Grillman cover is it’s covered with the lifetime replacement warranty. It’s built to last, and if you encounter issues like fading or tearing, you can get a new one. For such a low price, this grill cover is the best grill cover for Weber Genesis. Again, it comes with a price, but it’s surely among the best grill cover for outdoors protection regardless of where you live in the world.

Take note that this fits Weber grills as well as models from brands like Char-Broil and Brinkmann. If you have any similar grill at home, you can purchase another piece. Besides, it’s way cheaper than other brands.

5. Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

Personally, I If you’re not a fan of Velcro straps that tends to lose its hold over time, I can’t recommend the Classic Accessories cover enough. It comes in a brown/cream color with dimensions of 58” (W) x 24” (D) x 48” (H) to suit most Weber Genesis models. It’s water-resistant and has an undercoating that doesn’t get stiff and cracky during cold days.

The Classic Accessories Veranda Cover doesn’t use Velcro straps. Instead, it reinforced the hems with elastics that you can pull to secure the cover from strong winds. This cover also has strapped buckles that you can lock on the wheels during harsh weathers. Aside from that, the cover comes with two zippered pockets where you can stash other stuff. There are air vents, too, so the cover is breathable enough to let excess moisture to dry up.

This cover has a three-year limited warranty and definitely worth your money for a low price. It is the main reason I own 5 in different cover shapes. Also the main reason these covers aren’t the cheapest in the marketplace, but worth the expense for many of us. Personally, this brand is the #1 best grill cover for outdoors protection here at Puerto Rico.

How to choose an outdoor grill cover

With the five outdoor grill covers reviewed above, you might be confused on what to purchase. Here’s a short guide I usually follow when shopping for my grill covers. These include simple points but very crucial if you want the best bang for the buck:

Pay attention to the material

The number one consideration when getting a grill cover is the material it’s made of. It’s best to get one with a premium material that will last long under the spate of outdoor elements. The best catch is either vinyl or canvas as these are typically non-porous. Such materials are excellent in dodging rain, sunlight, and outdoor elements. Perfect for me here in Puerto Rico.

If you’re choosing vinyl, opt for a 12-gauge thickness. There might be cheap pieces but these are usually thinner, lightweight, and less reliable.

Polyester is also a common option when it comes to materials. It’s long-lasting and suitable for any season. However, these are rarely waterproof even if treated with chemicals.

Check the size and shape

One tricky part of buying grill covers is nailing the right size. This becomes more crucial if you’re shopping online. I always suggest that you check the individual sizing chart of the seller to know if a certain piece suits your appliance. Most often, outdoor grill covers will come in various sizes for a single design.

Another thing to consider here is the shape. A form-fitting grill cover is excellent for outdoor use. It’s more excellent in withstanding strong winds and guarding against dust and grime. Take note that getting a form-fitting cover is more challenging. One wrong measurement can cost you a few dozen bucks.

Budget and features

Not all of us have the budget to splurge on top-dollar grill covers. This isn’t a problem actually. Price doesn’t necessarily dictate the quality of the cover. I’ve seen expensive grill covers before that are as durable as the generic and affordable pieces we have here. Still, don’t invest on very cheap covers. My rule of thumb here is the right bargain of features and price.

As for the features, look for vents, pockets, handles, and straps. These are useful in putting the cover in place while enjoying more functionality. However, be aware that vents will allow rainwater to seep in. Consider the weather in your area if you’re planning to get this. Covers with vents are usually best during summer months.


I remember desperately buying a $5 cover from a thrift shop only to find it ripped and torn after a few days. Durability isn’t cheap but it shouldn’t break your bank either. I always invest in thick material that’s waterproof, if not weatherproof. If you’re purchasing online, take the time to read the reviews. It would also be excellent to have a cover with a long warranty coverage from the seller.

I think durability boils down to the environment where you’ll be using it. If you’re prepping for the storm, don’t take chances on dollar store options. It rarely works even under intense sunlight and rain.

Why tie downs are important

Let’s say that you have a durable cover that can take the beating of hurricanes and storm. But if it doesn’t have tie downs or buckles, it will slip out of the grill. Tie downs are very important features when looking for outdoor grill covers. There are pieces where the straps are located on the sides of the cover to make it form-fitting. These are usually for generic and free-size options.

There are also baggy ones that have buckles and straps underneath. You can attach these around the wheels and the stand of your grill to ensure that the wind won’t peel it off. If you think the winds would be strong, you can tie it on a brick or railings for added stability on your favorite appliance.

Do you need a lining?

Choosing a lined cover can be a big issue if your place is infested with critters. Flannel-lined or felt-lined covers can invite rodents to chew on them and use it as a stuffing for their harborage. Cotton lining isn’t a good option too as it absorbs and retains moisture and dirt.

The best bet here is an unlined piece. If you’re worried about the smooth finish of your grill having scratches, opt for a lined piece but be ready for the critters. You can place a deterrent on the cover but I suggest that you opt for non-chemical options.

Custom vs. generic grill covers

The question of whether you should get a custom cover or a generic one boils down to personal preference. A custom cover ensures that the fit will conform exactly to your grill. This can come from the same brand as your grill appliance. However, from what I observed, it could be a bit expensive than generic ones.

There’s so much misconception about generic covers. Although it’s not tailored to a specific model or brand, it does a good job on variety. It’s hard to get a cover that has the features you want on a custom piece. Unless you’re willing to take another mile and have it personalized, custom pieces are a bit limited in variety.

How to make your covers last

If you’ve already chosen the piece that you want, I advise that you maintain it as much as you can. Just think about it. The material that protects your grill should also be protected to keep it in tip-top shape.

I was able to make mine last for a couple of years by washing it regularly. Leaving here in a heavily tropical side of Puerto Rico exposes my grill to intense sunlight, dust, and then heavy rains. Every month or two (depending on how soiled it gets) I scrub it lightly with detergent soap and water. Ditch the harsh sprayers and power washers. It will rip the material off.

And my rule of thumb in cleaning: never machine wash! Even if it’s the best grill cover for Weber Genesis, it will be destroyed.

Getting the best grill cover for outdoors protection is important to secure your favorite backyard cooking equipment. None of these covers will last a lifetime, almost nothing for the outdoors lasts a lifetime of course, but these BBQ outdoors covers will surely last months if not years according to where you live and how much sun gets into them.

What has been your experience with the covers you’ve bought before? Let us know below, I am sure I may find some surprises here 🙂

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Top 5 Best Grill Cover For Outdoors Protection? An Updated List!

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