Choosing The Best Grill Covers [Buying Guide]

If you’re an avid griller, you would want to preserve the quality of your equipment. We all know that outdoor elements and even indoor dirt can be the cause of corrosion and chipping. This is the reason why the best grill covers are indispensable. It’s tailor-made to shield the equipment from harsh elements instead of improvising with your old sheets of tarpaulin and fabric. Grill covers come in different shapes and sizes, it’s important that you know which one you should pick.

You can purchase a grill cover in a local shop, but how will you know if it’s the best one? Here are some points to add on your checklist.

1. Choose the right material

Grill covers can be made from polyester, canvas, or vinyl. It’s important that when purchasing one, you have a purpose in mind. If you want a cheaper option that can withstand mild outdoor conditions, you can opt for either vinyl or polyester. A canvas cover is the best choice for those planning to weatherproof their grill when storing the grill without a shade.

All of these works, but if you want the best catch, invest in high-quality canvas. This will last longer and is easier to maintain than any other material. No matter how aesthetically pleasing the material is, always look on its durability.

2. Check your grill model

One of the common mistakes when buying a grill cover is just getting a rough estimate of the equipment’s dimensions. Take note that most covers are form-fitting so it’s important that you’re knowledgeable about what model you’re using. Besides, the best grill covers are sold with brand and model references.

It would be convenient to purchase a cover from the same brand of your grill. However, this would likely be pricey, if not overrated. Always scout unbranded ones and you’ll surely find an equally durable yet affordable piece. You can always choose custom-made covers if you’re skeptic about generic options.

best grill covers

3. Eyes on the budget

One of the main basis as to what cover a person will buy is the available budget. You don’t have to break the bank just to get a decent piece; you just have to be meticulous with your choices. A $30 cover can be better than a $50 one given that the construction is excellent and the material used is durable. Sometimes, branding causes generic covers to become pricier than they actually are.

Still, don’t jump into the cheapest option. The right bargain of price and features will serve you well. Just make sure that you read the reviews before putting your money on it.

4. Quality above all

No matter how attractive a grill cover is, always base your choice on the quality it bears. Keep in mind that you’re investing your money into an accessory you’ll want to last long. Make sure that the material is in good condition and it’s not prone to tears and punctures. UV-resistant pieces are the best grill covers, especially if your grill will be left in the open.

It’s hard to gauge the quality of a cover unless you already purchase and use it. But to minimize the risk, look for one with a reasonable warranty and lots of positive reviews.

5. Prefer one with tie downs

Grill covers used outdoors have to endure strong winds. One feature you should look for are straps or tie downs. This will ensure that the cover is tied securely on the wheels or body of the grill. Some grill covers with elastic hems will be excellent too. These features will keep the cover in place during a storm or a very windy day.

If the cover that you’re bent to purchase doesn’t come with any, you can improvise just to get the quality you want. You can use brick stones as weights while you tie a rope all over the grill.

6. Look for vents

Air vents are just an optional feature, but it’s useful especially if your grill is sensitive to moisture levels. It will stop moisture build-up by letting air move in and out of the cover. There are covers that don’t have this feature but remain to be best grill covers. It’s just a matter of preference on your end.

7. The lining matters

One thing you should be cautious about is the type of lining used on the cover. Felt and flannel-lined covers aren’t the best options since rodents will chew on the material and use it for their nests. The last thing you know is you have a perforated grill cover and you have to purchase another. You’re lucky if the pest doesn’t find its way on the parts of your grill.

best grill covers

If you can, look for polyester, vinyl, or nylon covers without any lining. These are equally durable plus you get to avoid the hassle of cleaning up and hunting the rodents.

8. Added pockets

Zippered pockets are excellent additions to a grill cover construction. It allows the storage of other accessories like gloves, skewers, brushes, and more. Although this is optional, you can get more value from your cover if you check for this feature.

9. Maintenance

Before you purchase a cover, think about the maintenance you’re willing to take. Can you wash it every three months? Is the material easy to clean or will it harbor stubborn dirt? As you know, grill covers also need some washing. It’s not demanding, but the wrong material will subject you to intense scrubbing. Polyester and canvas are usually easy to wash.

Another thing is that the straps and buckles should be durable. If not, you might be doing manual stitching to put it back.

Finding the best grill covers is easy if you know what to look for. It doesn’t hurt to be picky since you’re spending your hard-earned cash. Make sure to check the model, get the right material, and scout for added features.

Where to buy BBQ covers

Now that you know the basic factors to look for a BBQ cover, the next question would be where to purchase a piece. In the advent of online shopping, there’s a quick answer. However, a lot of platforms offer a variety of covers. It gets tricky to filter the options especially if you’re trying to canvas for the best bang for the buck.

Here, we compared 4 of the leading ways of getting a BBQ cover:

Buying local

⌦Buying on Amazon

Online shops are the first options when shopping for just about anything. Amazon, for one, is teeming with variety for BBQ covers and related accessories. You’ll never run out of options from this site regardless of the model of your grill. It’s also one of the most popular platforms so rest assured that the pieces are tried and tested. Still, stick to options with good reviews.

Also, Amazon is composed of more than a dozen brands. If you’re looking for a generic cover or one that’s made of a specific brand or model, Amazon probably got it for you.

It has pieces from Char-Broil, VicTsing, Classic Accessories, Homitt, and more. Each one of these brands has varying warranty terms. Some best grill covers would offer lifetime coverage. One example is the Classic Accessories Hickory Grill Cover.

And just like any other online shop, you can opt for new, used, or refurbished pieces depending on what suits your budget. If you’re planning to get one from Amazon, here is our personal pick:

Homitt Gas Grill Cover

This is made from 600D Oxford fabric and can suit a wide range of grill models. It’s easy to clean and wind-proof, perfect for outdoor use. The Homitt cover can last for seasons but if you have doubts, the seller offers 12 months of warranty coverage and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Still, make sure that this suits the size of your grill. The Homitt cover has a dimension of 58″ Length, 24″ Width and 48″ Height.

⌦Buying on eBay

If you prefer eBay, I can say that you’ll still enjoy the variety. From what I see, eBay has a longer list of brands to choose from and the prices are more flexible compared to what you’ll find on Amazon.  The big advantage you’ll get from eBay is you get to auction on some items. Such a thing allows you to get the best value and get a hand on hard-to-access pieces.

Another thing I like about eBay is it gives you the option to shop only sellers under the “Authenticity Verified” category. That’s a big deal when it comes to protecting your money and getting the right product.

As for the price, I guess eBay has the lowest offers. There are options under $6 if you’re cash-strapped. However, some people warn about China-made covers which can be found everywhere in eBay. But for me, as long as the seller is verified and you have decent warranty coverage, there’s nothing to worry about.

The best thing about eBay is it ships to more countries. You can also check the rates before putting your money on it. Thinking of buying a BBQ cover now? Here’s our top choice:

S/ M/ L/ XL BBQ Cover Waterproof Barbecue Covers

If you don’t have the money, this unbranded grill cover would be a saver. It’s very cheap for approximately $2 (shipping not included) and based on user feedback, it works for a long time. Not bad for such a pocket change-worth of cover.

This is made from a waterproof material that can fit most grill models. This is surprisingly good considering that it can also dodge sunlight, wind, and dust. Not the most upscale option out there, but definitely worth the purchase for cash-strapped customers.

best grill covers

⌦Buying on Wish

Wish is a pretty straightforward shopping platform. It still has a variety of BBQ covers but not as large as what Amazon and eBay can offer. It’s also a bit challenging to browse in the absence of filters we get used to on the first two platforms. You have to wade through the dozens of best grill covers if you want to find the one that you’re looking for.

Still, what I love the most about Wish is you can send all your purchases back within 30 days if you don’t like it. If the BBQ cover you got is too big or too small, you can ship it back to them. You’ll get a full refund if the BBQ cover turns out different than how it’s advertised. And if ever your package didn’t arrive within 60 days, you’ll also get a refund.

The pricing here is actually close to Amazon and the variety is also impressive. You just have to be patient with browsing the list and finding one suits your grill best.

Wish also has its Blitz Buy section where you can unlock products with hefty discounts. However, there’s no guarantee that it will always include items like BBQ covers. Still, you can log in every day to earn stamps. Once you reach 7, you can save for as much as 50% on products like grill covers.

Here’s our personal pick from Wish:

Black Waterproof BBQ Grill Barbeque Cover

This grill cover, although unbranded, is excellent when it comes to fit. It’s true to size and the price is reasonable for approximately 10 bucks when it’s on sale. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes so you can get one that matches your appliance.

Also, this item has the “Verified” seal from Wish shoppers. This means that the product is consistently receiving positive feedback from buyers. Now, that’s an awesome guarantee.

⌦Buying local

Brick-and-mortar shops are also good options when getting a grill cover. The first reason is that you can check the item before paying for it. You can feel the material, check the size, and sample it on the store. As for the variety, it will depend on the store available within your area. Most of the time, there would only be limited options in actual stores.

Buying local means you have to stick on what’s on the stock. Since a grill cover is only one of the products offered in shops and stores, you can’t expect hundreds of options.

As for the price, local shops like Target will offer the same range as that of Amazon. Most of the time, you’ll find brands like Char-Broil, Classic Accessories, and Ravenna. These are typically pricier but worth the money if you have the budget.

The good thing about buying local is you can send it back personally if you don’t like the product. However, you have to go back physically. It’s a bit of a hassle but a good choice for some who don’t want the complications of buying online.

If you’re buying locally, you might as well keep the following points in mind:

⌦Check the product. If there’s one advantage you’ll get from buying locally, it would be checking the product. Feel the material and ask about the return policy.

⌦Compare store prices. If you have the time, scout a few stores to see how they price grill covers. Most likely, one shop would offer it cheaper than the other.

Which is worth the money?

This is a very subjective topic. Amazon and eBay are worth the money if you want convenience and variety. Wish, is also an excellent option for the best grill covers. But if you’re skeptic and you want to get the cover in an instant, buying locally would be more value for money.

Just remember that no matter where you buy, if the product is of high quality, it will always be worth the purchase. Make sure, too, that it matches the type of your appliance.

How to use your newly bought grill cover

Most of us will know how to buy the best cover only to put it in the wrong way. If you want optimal coverage, get a tight-fit piece or one that can be adjusted to wrap snugly on the appliance.

It’s also important that you consider the area where you’ll be storing your grill. If you have a piece that’s not flame-resistant, you shouldn’t put it on the grill near the stove or any heat-producing appliance.

This one’s a bit weird but it happens as an effort to save their grill from the rain. If ever it started raining heavily and you’re grilling in the open, never drape the cover just to shield the grill. What will happen is that the material will burn and it will be one heck of a disaster. If you happen to invest in an expensive piece, you’ll watch your money as it turns into ashes.

During regular days, let the grill cool down before covering and storing it away. The last thing you want to happen is burning the cotton lining and thinning the fabric material.

How about one size fits all?

There are generic grill covers being sold both online and in physical stores. These are good options if you’re not certain of your grill’s dimensions. Most of the time, these are adjustable and equipped with straps to harness the extra fabric.

Generic covers are cheaper too, but like its undefined fit, you have to gamble with the one-size-fits-all idea.

Take note that aside from size, the type of grill you have will be a deciding factor too. A gas grill will require a different material as compared to charcoal grills. You surely can find all of these on Amazon, eBay, Wish, and local stores. It’s just a matter of digging deep and not settling on the first available option.

best grill covers

The better build, the longer the lifespan is

No matter how excellent the material of the grill is, the construction can both be a saboteur and an asset. An easy to clean and fade-resistant cover would be excellent for outdoor use. Check for double stitches and a strong lining. These will usually last longer than other pieces.

How can I make it last?

No matter how expensive the grill cover you get from Amazon or a local shop, it will have a specific lifespan. It can fall prey to molds, mildew, and ripping if exposed to blunt objects.

Usually, the best grill covers will bear the brunt of dust and grime. If you have a non-porous fabric material, it could be cleaned with a good wipe. Some materials would require a little scrubbing to get rid of the stains and dirt.

Take note that the way you clean your cover will dictate how long it will last. Using a special grill cover cleaner will likely preserve its good condition for a couple of years. Meanwhile, intense scrubbing may wear out the material faster than it’s supposed to be damaged.

Also, opt for food safe cleaning products. Since you’ll be draping the cover to your grill, there’s a chance that traces of the chemicals will transfer to the appliance.

3 Best BBQ Covers Brands

1. Classic Accessories

Classic Accessories is a leader not just in grill covers but also in patio RV, pontoon, and boat covers. They specialize in outdoor drapes with the highest quality and toughest materials you can think of.

Aside from covers, they also offer outdoor living products including cushions, hammocks, umbrellas, and frameless furniture. They also have a great selection of RV, boat, and powersport accessories.

Classic Accessories have also expanded its product line with garage tool storage and golf car covers.

When it comes to grill covers, you can count on their dedication to durability. Most of their pieces contain reinforced handles, hooded air vents, cord lock closure, click-close straps, and fade-resistant fabric.

Everything in their grill covers is made to last. Their BBQ covers always look elegant, and although very fabric in the outside, it contains a solid waterproof backing.

The best part about their BBQ covers is their unbeatable lifetime warranty. That’s how Classic Accessories stand by the quality of their products.

To ensure that you’re buying authentic Classic Accessories covers, always look for the product ID label stitched inside and outside.

2. Grillman

The next best grill covers brand is Grillman. This company focuses on grill accessories, from tongs, gloves, spatulas, flavored wood, and BBQ covers.

Most of their grill covers are basic black with water and UV-resistant material. They have a wide range of designs that will fit across grill units. They have pieces for 3-burner, 4-burner, and 6-burner as well as a kettle grill design.

Also, all their BBQ covers have a 3-year warranty which is longer than most grill covers you’ll find in the market.

Grillman covers have side straps, angled sides for better water run-off, built-in ventilation, and reinforced seams to prevent ripping in the midst of strong winds.

Currently, their grill covers are available in heavy-duty PVC with polyester backing for breathability. There are also pieces made from high-density woven polyethylene for a more water-resistant drape. It’s not a decorative cover but you simply can’t shun its quality.

You can choose on their low, medium, and heavy-duty covers depending on where you’re going to use it. There are also cleaning materials in their product line if you’re interested in more grilling accessories.

The only gripe we have with Grillman is their limited fit. If you’re looking for a classy and nice-looking cover, the Grillman is a bit on the simpler side.

3. King Kong

The King Kong brand is known for its heavy-duty travel bags, carry-ons, and military-grade gears. Like the Grillman, they produce plain black covers that are custom-made for specific grill models.

Most of the King Kong grill covers are made from heavy-duty polyester fabric that has excellent water and UV resistance. They also bank on their secure-fit design complete with Velcro straps, angled edges for water run-off, and easy-clean surface.

King Kong cover products have a three-year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. This makes their best grill covers a low-risk purchase.

You can also upsell their covers with added accessories like tongs, steel grill brushes, and thermometers with an added $22+ fee.

They also take pride in their UV-resistant fabric that will leave your grill unscathed even in the strongest winds, storm, and sunlight. Its users also like the King Kong grill covers due to its perfect fit.

It’s more than just the brand

Aside from picking the best brands, you should also consider the type of grill you have before looking for the best grill covers. As much as the pieces in these three brands are excellent choices, it won’t serve its purpose if it doesn’t suit your grill.

Beyond the brand, always measure your grill before purchasing a grill cover. The material and features should be fit for your location and the intensity of outdoor elements.

Also, some of the best brands will also have less appealing pieces at times. Make sure that you check the product you’re buying.

Most of all, beware of knock-off pieces that steal the brand’s design and logo. These don’t have the same quality as authentic pieces straight from the brand itself. It’s best to purchase from the brand itself.

OUR TOP PICK for BBQ COVER: Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

best grill coversIf you’re looking for the best grill covers, you shouldn’t miss the Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover. It’s made by one of the best outdoor living brands so rest assured that this has the perfect value for money.

This pebble/bark/earth colored cover is made of heavy-duty Gardelle woven polyester fabric. Unlike typical polyester, this has better waterproofing feature with a dark splash guard skirt. This same material is present in all their Veranda line

This grill cover also has interior bound seams with high-density stitching that increases the cover’s durability against strong winds and pulling. It also has padded handles for utmost comfort and easy putting on and off. It fits grills that are 52″ long x 24″ deep x 44″ high.

It also has air vents to prevent moisture from accumulating inside. You don’t have to worry since the air vent flap is designed to wick water away.

The Classic Accessories grill cover is California Prop 65 compliant guaranteed to be safe for you and your family’s health.

This is fit for Weber grills including the Genesis II Gas Grill model E-210, E-220, and Weber Q Series models 2000. It’s also suitable for other famous grill brands like Brinkmann, Jenn Air, Char-Broil, and more.

Aside from this piece, Classic Accessories also have other 140 drapes that come in different shapes and sizes. This grill cover has a custom fit design with an elastic hem cord to keep it in place.

It can withstand harsh elements, including intense rains and sunlight. This Classic Accessories grill cover can last for two years or more under intense use.


-Gardelle Fabric System for a stronger material

-Protective waterproof backing

-California Prop 65 compliant

-Available in 140 other shapes and sizes


-Will fade under intense sunlight

-Prone to staining


A lot of manufacturers are improving their designs and material options when producing grill covers. The guide we’ve discussed will surely help you choose the best one for your grill. You can always opt for a custom-made cover or a generic one if you want to save some money.

With the points above, there should be no problem at all when selecting a cover. Just remember that there’s no substitute for a good cover, no matter how steep the price tag is.  And aside from buying, maintaining it will ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

You can always get the best grill covers anywhere. Just be meticulous and patient in comparing your options. As much as you don’t want to overcomplicate things for a single piece of fabric, it pays to be finicky when your hard-earned money is at stake.

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