Advantages Of Using Custom Barbecue Covers To Protect Your Grill

Grills come in different shapes and sizes. Purchasing generic covers could be a hit-and-miss part. This is the reason why custom barbecue covers are better if you’re looking for a snuggle fit. If you’d been using an outdoor grill for long, you probably know the importance of having a grill cover, more so of a piece that fits perfectly. It secures the equipment from damaging elements regardless if the grill is made of stainless steel.

A custom grill cover prevents excess fabric from flapping during strong winds. Some generic grill covers tend to be baggy and it will flap endlessly until it rips. So aside from getting the right material, you should also look for the right fit.

Advantages of custom barbecue covers

Compared to generic types, custom covers are made to suit a specific grill model. For example, the Weber brand produces covers that can be used for their Genesis 300 series or the Classic Accessories have options for island grills. Instead of using a whole expanse of generic grill covers, custom ones allow easy fitting. Here are more benefits of purchasing custom covers:

Fits the grill perfectly

Since grills can be tall, stout, or both, custom covers are tailored to fit every curve and edge of the equipment. Unlike generic ones where you’ll use straps to keep it from blowing off, custom-made pieces are equipped with buckles or elastic hems for effortless fitting.

As much as it fits the type of grill very well, determining the exact grill model will dictate the compatibility of the cover. For example, the Weber Genesis grill series may look the same, but it differs on some features. The E-210 Gas Grill has two knobs while the E-310 has three. Failing to consider this will sabotage your choice of cover.

custom barbecue covers

Better material

Custom grill covers are made of durable material that can endure outdoor elements. Unlike generic covers that can be used indoors or outdoors, custom pieces are made with the environment in mind. Grills that are often placed outside will likely have a cover that’s made of thicker fabric with water and UV-resistant properties. Although this isn’t conclusive, it’s safe to assume that custom made covers are also of high quality aside from being form-fitting.

Added features

Custom covers could have added pockets, vents, and buckles. If the grill is typically used outdoors, additional buckles will keep it intact during strong winds. Meanwhile, some manufacturers add vents with mesh linings for breathability, especially if the grill model is prone to moisture damage.

A lining would also be excellent on a custom cover since it will prevent premature tearing and fading. Instead of getting felt-lined pieces, invest in PVC-lined covers for an added waterproof feature and durability. Take note that wool-like linings are prone to insect infestation as well as tearing from rodents.

Aesthetic quality

Since it conforms to the shape of the grill, custom pieces are pleasing to the eyes. It makes the grill neat-looking, not to mention the color and double stitches that add a classy feel to the material.


Custom grill covers with a water-resistant coating are easy to clean. Most of the time, a few wipes are enough to remove accumulated dust, smoke, and mildew. If the grease from the grilling surface caught up with the lining, light scrubbing should do the trick.

Total protection

Grills have small spaces that look appealing to rodents and other critters. A custom cover that extends on all edges of the grill will discourage the pest from getting inside. It will also help ward off birds and insects from making a nest on your grill. Grill covers like this will dodge other matter like pollens, falling debris, and dried leaves. It ensures that your grilling equipment is fully operational when needed.


If you’re looking for the best custom barbecue covers, one of the best-selling options is the Classic Accessories Veranda Island Grill Cover. This top cover is made of the Gardelle fabric system that utilizes a waterproof backing and a splash skirt. It fits Weber Summit S-460 Gas Grills with a cover dimension of 37 x 27 x 24 inches.

custom barbecue covers

This cover has a high-density stitching so even the strongest winds can’t rip it apart. It also has matching webbing and interior bound seams for durability.  To ensure that it fits like a glove, it has an elastic hem. Not to mention the stylish design, this cover is a catch.

California Prop 65 compliant

This CA cover is compliant with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act. It doesn’t just protect your grill; it also keeps your food clean and safe for consumption. This cover is free from any harmful chemicals or coating that may mix on your food. A lot of grill cover manufacturers aren’t compliant with this law.


Thanks to its three-year limited warranty, your money is protected in case of damages and defects. Unlike grill covers that can only offer 60 or 90 days, this CA product is durable enough that they can bet on it for the next three years or so.


The CA cover has mesh-lined vents to keep the moisture off the grill without letting tiny insects in. It doesn’t just cover the top of the grill, the skirt also stretches down to the knobs. The fabric of this cover is heavy so it will hold well with the equipment aside from the buckles that can be locked on the grill handle.


For a fraction of the price of other brands, the Classic Accessories Veranda grill cover is affordable. This is the perfect bargain for the price and excellent design. The cover comes in four sizes with varying prices. Make sure to get one that suits your grill perfectly.

Custom barbecue covers don’t just keep the dirt away from your precious equipment; it also ensures that your food is clean. It’s fancy and functional, but like the piece from Classic Accessories, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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Advantages Of Using Custom Barbecue Covers To Protect Your Grill

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