7 Reasons Why You Need A High Quality Grill Cover Right Now

For some, grill covers are just fancy fabrics sold to make money out of people’s fascination for grilling. But as much as outdoor elements are concerned, grill covers serve an important purpose. It shields the equipment from dirt and other elements that can cause rust and other damages. If you’re wondering if you actually need a high quality grill cover, here are seven reasons that might convince you (as well as some caveats to ponder about).

1. Dust and debris will damage your grill

Wherever you live, dust and debris can easily accumulate on the grill if you don’t cover it. Falling leaves, twigs, sand, and other outdoor elements will find its way on your cooking surface. Although you can clean it before grilling again, it’s a different story if you don’t use the equipment for months. Dust can cake into the grill and damage the steel material. A grill cover will help dodge dirt and lengthen the lifespan of your grill.

2. Salt build-up translates to corrosion

If you’re leaving in a coastal area, salt air will be the biggest enemy of your grill. The salt build-up will cause corrosion if not prevented early on. Rust isn’t just difficult to remove; it’s also dangerous for the health of the person grilling. Salt air can still find your grill even if you live miles away from the coast. The minute salt particles are ejected into the air which will circulate up to hundreds of miles away. Not to mention the combination of moisture, it’s damaging for the grill.

3. Freezing temperature is evil

During snow months, leaving your grill under piles of thick ice is a surefire way to damage it. Extreme temperatures can cause the metal to crack. Using a defrosting to remove the ice isn’t a wise decision either. The heat will cause the contracted metal to expand within seconds. It will make the steel makeup brittle. You can always move the grill on your garage or any shade, but a high-quality grill cover can offer more insulation from the freezing temperature. It’s like putting on a jacket to your grill.

high-quality grill cover

4. Birds and pests won’t spare your grill

Aside from leaves and snow, there are more falling objects that will damage your grill. Bird poop contains acid that will react negatively to metal surfaces. What’s more appalling is that birds carry thousands of viruses and bacteria that can cause respiratory and even neurological problems to humans. Cleaning it with soap isn’t always enough to kill the bacteria. Aside from that, rodents, squirrels, and other critters can nest on your grill. You might as well get a grill cover than deal with this infestation.

5. Rains and winds are about to come

Although water won’t damage your outdoor grill (given that it’s not electric), the force of the falling water probably will. Aside from that, strong winds will send your grill and accessories flying in different directions. In the event of a storm, the steel lid might come crashing to your glass window.

If you don’t drain your grill with rainwater, mosquitoes will start to lay eggs on it and propagate within your area. It’s best to get a grill cover with straps or buckles so you can secure the fabric all throughout the equipment. This will prevent parts of the grill from being washed away by the wind.

6. You would want to keep your grill operational

Overall, a high quality grill cover ensures that your equipment is operational at all times. You will save time from scraping bird poop, grimes, and caked dust. You’ll never know when a visitor will arrive and you’ll need your trusty grill to save the dinner. It’s not just the grilling surface you’ll be protecting when you purchase a cover; you’ll also be shielding the accessories from damage. Stubborn dirt can impede your grilling and you may end up frying all your meat chops instead of enjoying the charcoal-taste of traditional barbecues and skewers.

7. Ash paste is stubborn

So after a grill session, you left the equipment in the open with fresh ash from the charcoal. When it rains, this ash will cake and dry up. It will become stiff that you’ll have to scrape it off the grill. This can also be the harborage of molds that can contaminate your food.

A few caveats…

As much as a high-quality grill cover is helpful, there are some exceptions or considerations you should also think about.

high-quality grill cover

Humid days are exceptions

Constantly foggy and humid days mean that the moisture in the air is higher than usual. If you cover your grill with a fabric that doesn’t have any vents, the moisture will be trapped inside. This isn’t a problem if your grill is stainless steel. However, there’s also a chance of mold formation if you don’t disturb the cover for a long time. If you’re bent to covering your grill during a humid day, make sure to wipe the metal surface regularly.

You can’t predict the weather

What if you’re grilling and it suddenly rained? Of course, you can’t drape your grill with the cover or else it will burn. At this point, your only choice is to leave it under the rain or move the grill under a shade. The latter could be challenging since you will likely rescue your food than deal with a scorching hot equipment.

Some critters can chew on the material

As much as a high quality grill cover will work for you, there’s also a chance that pesky rodents will chew on it. You can either use a pest repellent or avoid a lined cover. Take note that covers that are felt-lined have fabrics that rodents find appealing as a material for their nest. So just keep your option simple and opt for non-lined pieces.

These are just some of the reasons why grill covers are must-haves. It always depends on your preference.

What makes a high quality grill cover?

If you’re looking for the grill cover that lasts, always look for the following features.

1. Water-proof material

Your grill will bear the brunt of outdoor elements including rain and snow. This is why it’s important to choose a high quality grill cover with waterproof or water-resistant material. Such a feature will prevent rusting and formation of mold inside the grill that might compromise the quality of food.

A waterproof grill cover will help extend the lifespan of your grill, especially if you’re storing the grill outdoors for an extended period.

2. UV resistance

The same with waterproofing, a grill cover with UV resistant material will shield your grill from the damaging sun rays. This will prevent your grill from becoming brittle and cooked under the sun.

A UV-resistant material like canvas will help reduce the impact of extreme temperatures on the parts of your grill. It will also prevent possible explosions caused by too much heat.

3. Excellent warranty

A grill cover with long warranty coverage is total value for money. It will protect your money in case there are issues with the product.

Also, the warranty coverage will say a lot about the quality of the grill cover. The longer it is, the better the material will be.

A three-year warranty is the most decent you’ll get, but you can also find pieces with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. Durable material

Grill covers can be made from different materials. The most common nowadays are polyester, vinyl, and canvas.

Polyester covers are the cheapest, lightest, and versatile. It’s also easy to clean and can withstand most weather conditions. However, durability can be an issue.

On the other hand, vinyl is excellent if you’re looking for a waterproof cover. However, it may have poor UV resistance.

Lastly, the canvas material is probably the most durable. It’s the same material used in tents and awnings so there’s no doubt that it will last longer. This material offers the best durability in any weather condition.

5. Perfect fit

Aside from getting the right material, you have to ensure that the grill cover fits your unit properly. Custom grill covers are excellent since it’s made to slip accurately in every corner of your grill.’

Meanwhile, there are generic pieces that have adjustable straps that you can use to fit it snugly into the grill. Before purchasing a BBQ cover, make sure that you measure the unit first.

6. Reinforced handles

It may seem like a small factor, but the handles of your grill cover will dictate how easy it is to put on and off. Look for one with reinforced handles with double stitching. This won’t tear easily even after hundreds of pulling.

If possible, look for padded handles as it’s easier to use. This is important, especially if the cover is thick and heavy.

7. Locks or drawstrings

The likes of drawstrings, click-close locks, and straps are important when purchasing a grill cover. It keeps the cover in place during strong winds and harsh weather.

The straps will reduce the risk of ripping plus it will secure your grill from the outdoor elements. No matter how durable the material is, it will be less useful if it won’t stay in place on your grill.

Aside from that, stray animals may try to pull the cover away. But with strong straps or locks, you can prevent it from getting stolen.

8. Strong lining

The additional interior lining of your grill cover adds more benefits like rip and weather-resistance. It will also extend the lifespan of the cover itself.

It’s best to look for PVC, nylon, or polyester lining as these last longer and easier to clean. As much as possible, avoid the likes of fleece or wool as these are difficult to maintain. Also, it’s likely to be chewed by rodents and stray animals.

9. Air vents

Air vents are important to prevent or reduce the condensation inside the BBQ grill. Such moisture may start rusting and molds.

A pair of air vents will let the air flow inside the grill cover to keep the inside free of odor. It will also prevent your grill cover from ballooning should air got trapped inside after putting it on.

Look for flapped air vents as this will retain the water resistance of your grill cover.

10. Easy-to-clean material

The likes of polyester, nylon, and canvas covers are easy to clean. It only needs a quick rinse and a few wipes. Easy-to-maintain grill covers mean you will have more time to spend on other chores.


Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover

This Classic Accessories grill cover is made from Gardelle-woven polyester fabric that was water-repellent and UV-resistance characteristics.

The grill cover suits Weber Genesis E-610, E-420, E-470, S-470, and S-420 units. It’s also suitable for most units from Brinkmann, Jenn-Air, and Char-Broil.

This Veranda grill cover has interior bound seams that reduce the chance of ripping. It’s paired with high-density stitching, matching webbing, and padded handles for utmost comfort.

This cover has two air vents on its sloped sides plus a low-key zipped pocket where you can store grilling accessories.  It also has a protective dark splash skirt that keeps your grill secure from mud, water, and muck.

The Classic Accessories grill cover sports an elastic hem cord that you can use to fit the material into the grill. Just take note that it’s not designed to fit the wheels and legs entirely. Still, you can use the attachment straps on the wheel area to keep the cover in place aside from the elastic hem.

This high quality grill cover is also available in 140 shapes and sizes to suit your grill. Its earthy color is guaranteed to be a classy addition to your patio. Not to mention its very affordable price, this cover is for the money.


-High-density stitching and Gardelle woven fabric

-California Prop 65 compliant


-Comes with storage pocket


-Prone to fading and staining

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7 Reasons Why You Need A High Quality Grill Cover Right Now

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