Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Grill Cover An Updated List for 2020!

A BBQ party at home is a fun way to mingle with relatives, friends, and neighbors. Although engaging, you may not keep it quite frequently, such as every weekend. This means that you are not going to use your grill often. When not used for a long time, the grill is likely to face damage if proper care is not taken. This is because it is exposed to different harsh elements. Even the premium-quality grills will show signs of corrosion. Now, you have no option but to restore the device by cleaning it thoroughly well, which is tiresome. If it is winter time, your grill is already exposed to snow and wind, while UV rays tend to fade it in summer. All these issues are eliminated with the best grill cover.

This useful accessory will defend your grill from all possible adverse effects of the weather as well as the environment. So, will you not think,

“What cover would be best for my BBQ grill?”

Here are the tips to consider to get the most suitable answer.



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Grill Cover
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01. Consider the grill model first

The biggest mistake most grill owners make is to believe that all grill covers are equal and that just an extra-large outdoor grill cover will do. Well, the covers are equal in terms of the main function of protection. However, they differ in size.

Thus, you should choose a grill cover that best fits the dimensions of your grill model. You may even choose a custom fit. However, decide so only after measuring the grill’s dimensions. Luckily, most covers today come with the specification of grill models that they support.

02. Choose the Material that Offers More Benefits than Durability

Most materials used for making grill covers are durable. However, the best grill cover material is the one that can endure the weather in your neighborhood and safeguard the grill against it. There are many canvas and plastic covers available but they may be unable to safeguard the grill against the environmental and weather impact.

For this, you need a fully waterproof and anti-UV protective fabric. For this, experts suggest looking for a denser material. All polyester materials come with the label, D, which means Denier (density measure). A denser material is more waterproof and stronger than usual. Thus, 600D is better than 400D.

Further, the cover material should facilitate easy cleaning. As washing in a washing machine is not good, the material should allow cleaning through spraying with a garden hose.

03. Always look for ventilation

Choosing the densest material will not always give you an ideal grill cover. Along with it, you also need sufficient ventilation. Denser materials actually do not have sufficient space through which vapor can escape. This can be an issue, as it can pave the way for moisture to stay and get trapped under the fabric.

This, in turn, will attract speedy rusting. Thus, the best grill cover will have not only the best material but also sufficient ventilation. Different media of ventilation exist, including integrated vents and cut-outs.

No matter which one you select, it should not weaken the waterproofing ability of the cover. Both should work in harmony. For example, cut holes are veiled and turned downwards so that it becomes possible to defy gravity and keep water away from coming inside.

This is one of the features required for making the grill functional in winters and protecting it from pests, snow, and wind.

04. Look for tie downs and fastenings

If your grill is outdoors, a sturdy, heavy-duty grill cover is insufficient. It should also have tie downs so that the device stays covered even if the wind is blowing. For this, you should look for hooks, straps, and elastic hems. In short, ensure that something is there to hold the lid to the device.

05. Do not ignore the lining

It is essential to have a grill cover with a sturdy lining. If the lining is not there or is of low quality, it means that the cover will not retain heat. In short, the captured heat will vaporize in a few seconds.

Further, do not choose the lining that is made up of felt material, as rodents can easily chew it.

As per the tips above, here are the top 2 grill covers to consider:

Top 2 Grill Covers

VicTsing Grill Cover, 58-Inch Waterproof BBQ Cover

This is a classic but heavy-duty model ideal for medium-sized and big gas grills belonging to different brands such as Brinkmann, Kenmore, Jenn Air, and Nexgrill. It is made using 600D polyester that is resistant to dust as well as weather forces such as UV rays, sand storms, wind, and rain.

The high-density and bound seams on the outside ensure reliable water resistance and anti-ripping ability. The Velcro straps and padded handles keep the device in place even in strong windy conditions. The useful side straps help in fitting the cover well as well as preventing it from being blown off.

It is also easy to clean this cover using a simple hose. The cover is available in five different sizes. You can enjoy a year of service after buying it.


  • Exceptional durability
  • Ideal fit for many models
  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy and quick to clean
  • Tie down utility
  • Durable
  • Carrying bag included
  • Affordable


  • Fading in too strong sun

iCOVER 60-inch Heavy-duty Gas Grill Cover 600D Canvas Waterproof

Consider this grill cover if you are tired of witnessing the fading of your previous covers. Designed to ensure UV resistance, this cover is made using heavy-duty polyester canvas.

However, this canvas is durable, as it has a coating of PVC that is resistant to water and a layer of finish that is water-repellent. The material is strong enough to keep the risk of ripping at bay.

The cover comes with a hidden mesh air vent at both sides to ensure proper ventilation. At the same time, it also prevents rainwater from entering into your grill. The two Velcro closure straps ensure a firm fit amidst windy conditions, while the padded handles ensure effortless on and off.


  • Ideal fit
  • Weather-resistant
  • Air vents and Velcro straps included
  • Affordable


  • Lasting only for a year


Depending on the weather in your area, you would need a grill cover that is waterproof, dust-proof, heavy-duty, and resistant to UV rays and wind impact.

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Top 5 Tips For Choosing The Best Grill Cover An Updated List for 2020!

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